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On this page we have listed the main healthcare search engines, so that you can search for yourself the most up to date healthcare information available.


The Websites that we have linked to are provided by other organisations, and as such are not necessarily endorsed by or guaranteed by Medical Equipment Ltd. Please do check that any information you may rely on is from a responsible source.

On our other pages we have listed self-help organisations. We constantly try to update information links to provide you with the latest information.
Our pages serve to provide useful information so they do not contain a lot of graphics, which take a long time to load.


The Health On The Net Foundation's mission is to guide lay people, non-medical users, and medical practitioners to useful and reliable online medical and healthcare information. It also provides leadership in setting ethical standards for Web site developers. We have applied and subscribe to the HONcode Principles of the Health On the Net Foundation.


We have provided a number of Healthcare Directories, Multi-Search, and Search Engines below, to make this one of the most comprehensive sources of information on the internet. We have ranked each source in order of importance. In our opinion the best source is ranked at the top.


The Healthcare Information Links below aims to point you in the direction of the best sites, most of which have further links to explore. Please let us know of other sites worthy of inclusion or relevance. We have tried to provide the best of the information resources so that you can use the most suitable search site for you.


Some of the Websites provide similar information but it is presented in a different format, one of which may be more acceptable to you. There are many sites than we can list, and no doubt more will emerge than we can keep up with.


We trust that the sites and links below will be of use to you.



Healthcare Meta-Search Engines

Vivisimo Healthcare Search

IX Quick Healthcare Search

Query Server Healthcare Search



Ask Jeeves Healthcare Search

Search Healthcare

C4 Healthcare Search

About Healthcare Search







Healthcare Multi-Search Engines

Mamma Healthcare Search

Monster Crawler Healthcare Search

Sherlock Hound Healthcare Search


Healthcare Search Engines

Google Healthcare Search

Lycos Healthcare Search

Excite Healthcare Search

AltaVista Healthcare Search

Freeserve Healthcare Search

Allhealthnet Healthcare Search

GoTO Overture Healthcare Search

Health On The Net Search

MD Choice Healthcare Search

Med411 Healthcare Search

Overture Healthcare Search

WebMD Healthcare Search

Alltheweb Healthcare Search

Iwon Healthcare Search

Pandia Healthcare Search


Healthcare Directory of Directories

Beaucoup Healthcare Directory

Proteus Healthcare Directories


Healthcare Directories

Open Directory Healthcare Directory

Lycos Healthcare Directory

Yahoo Health Directory

AOL Healthcare Directory

Google Healthcare Directory

Galaxy Healthcare Directory

UK Medical Search Directory


Healthcare Encyclopaedia

24Dr  Reference Library Encyclopaedia

Martindale's Health Science Guide


Health Links

Health Promotion Agency

Health Net UK

Health Web

Healthy Net

Home Healthcare Resource Aid

IntelliHealth Information

Kid Source Healthcare

MD Consult Research For Physicians

MedExplorer Healthcare Information

Medem Healthcare Information


MediLine Health Information

Medical Information Warehouse

Medical Matrix
Medical and Health Information

Medic Direct


MedLine Search Research Journals

MedNets Medical Resources


MedWeb Health Science Centre

National Health Guidelines

National Organization For Rare Disorders

NIH Health Information

Net Doctor

Organising Medical Networked Information

Patients Association

Patient Concern

SSI Gateway Health Services


Surgery Door

The Virtal Hospital For Patients

U.S. National Library of Medicine
UK Health Guide

UK Patient


Well Aware

World Health Organisation (WHO)


Healthcare Information Links

Asthma Gateway

Asthma, Doctor's Guide to the Internet

BIOME Health & Life Sciences Gateway

British Medical Association


Care Support

Clinical Trials

Centre Watch Clinical Trials

Consumer Health Information Centre

Doctor Health Net

Drug Assistance Programmes

Drug InfoNet

Emedicine Information

Food and Drug Administration

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
General Medical Council


Healthcare Notice Board

Healthcare & Social Work

Healthcare Events

Healthfinder (U.S. Department of Health)


Healthcare Consumer Information

Consumers Healthcare Information

Health Care Consumers & Patients

NHS Direct online

Private Healthcare UK


Health Newsletters

Combined Health Information Database

National Health Service UK

NHS Information Patient UK


UK Healthcare Providers

Second Opinion Medical Information Services


Health News

BBC Health

Cancer News On The Net

Health On The Net News

Health News Directory

Integrated Health Newswire

Patient UK News


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