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Our Mission is to provide our viewers with the most comprehensive list of available Health and Medical Web Sites on the Internet today.  To maintain a user-friendly environment that makes finding Health and Medical Web Sites just a click away. Medical Equipment's mission on the Internet is to provide low cost, user-friendly medical devices and healthcare products that help in managing an individual's health. Medical Equipment Ltd is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us at Customer Service Medical Equipment

Our Philosophy


We believe that each of our customers should feel that they have gained from purchasing a product from Medical Equipment Ltd. We always remember that the objective of the company is to provide the highest quality products at prices that are consistent with our customer’s needs. We aim to be a responsible company; therefore, quality, ethical practices and respect for the environment are part of our priorities.

Our Company

Medical Equipment was established in the early nineties for the purpose of supplying high quality health care products. We wish to make our service available to you online by setting up Medical Equipment Healthcare. We are introducing a range of healthcare products and medical information services that use the latest technology at a lower cost than was possible before the advent of the Internet. Medical Equipment is a Limited Company headquartered in Monmouth, Monmouthshire, South Wales, United Kingdom.

Our Web Site

We have built our Medical Equipment Healthcare Website, with about 1000 easy connections to Health and Medical Information. We have tried to sourced the most current content and healthcare sites available on the Internet. Our Website has established a loyal audience who regularly use it for their health-related needs. We hope you will find our site easy to use with quick ways to find the information you need. We try to add new sections each quarter, and continue to make positive changes. If you find that a Website is not available, or you think that information on a site is not of a proper standard please email us at Customer Service Medical Equipment. 

Our Products and Services

Our services and products offer solutions to the problems of achieving good health and preventable illness, particularly for the disabled. Medical Equipment is always trying to introduce new products designed to help people to take control of their health. These products and services are created for consumers and clinicians to help people achieve their health goals. In doing so, we expect our services and products will facilitate increased efficiency and effectiveness for patients, doctors and healthcare personnel.

Our services help healthy consumers maintain their health using a variety of healthcare information sources.  Medical Equipment solutions create beneficial opportunities for customers and
professionals such as physicians, dieticians, and nutritionists.


Our Commercial Interests

Medical Equipment
is interested in establishing commercial relationships, or joint ventures. We are in the process of establishing relationships with leading organizations, and manufacturers to achieve our mission.  Please contact Anthony Robert William Dodd if you, or your organisation is interested in developing links, or any other commercial venture.


Reaching Us

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