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Disabled Information

Ability Information

Ability UK

Access-Able Travel Source

A to Z of Council Disability Information

Benefits Check Up

Center For Disability Information & Referral

Cornucopia of Disability Information

Disability Equipment System Information

Disabilities Physical or General

Disability Information for Students

Disability Information For Students-Resources

Disability Direct USA

Disability Information & Communication Exchange

Disability Information In South Australia

Disability UK


Dog Assistance in Disability

Educating Parents of Exceptional Children

Filing For Disability Benefits

Focus On Disability

Guide To Disability Resources On The Internet

Information Disabled Parking UK

Integrated Network Of Disability Information & Education

Internet Disability Resources

Internet Resources for Special Children

Learning Disabilities Information & Resources


National Information Center For Children With Disabilities

Parents with Disabilities Online

Scope Cerebral Palsy

Senior Place Healthcare News & Information

Social Security Agency Disability USA

The Disability Rights Activist

University Education Disability Information

Untangling the Web

Victorian Disability Information

WebAble Databases For Disabled

Wheelchair Accessible Homes











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Disabled Organisations

Association For Spina Bifida UK

Disability Direct USA

Disabled Parents Network

Dyspraxia Foundation

Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind

Leonard Cheshire Homes


M.S. Society of GB & N.I.

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

National Autistic Society UK

National Bureau for Students with Disabilities

National Deaf Children's Society

Parkinsons Disease Society (UK)

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation For Disabled People

Royal Association for Disability & Rehabilitation

Royal Nat Institute for the Blind UK


Schwab Foundation for Learning

Spinal Cord Injury Association

Spina Bifida Association of America

UK-COSA Organisation

World Association of Persons with Disabilities

Disability Links

Assorted Worldwide Disability Links

Disability Information Resources

disABILITY Links

Disability Rights Commission Links

Disability Related Websites

Eagle Charity Links

Linkable Disability

Worldwide disability links


Disability Publications

Disabilities & Medical Newsletters

Disability Directory of Business


Disability Newsgroups

Disabilities & Medical Newsgroups

Disability Newsgroups

People with Disability Forum

Ideal Lives


Disability Mailing Lists

Disabilities & Medical Mailing Lists

Disability Issues information Listservs


Quadriplegic List


Disability Topics

Family Village

Family Friendly Fun with Special Needs


Senior Living And Senior Care Issues


Disability Advice

ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Information

UK Stroke Information Site

Citizens Advice Bureau


Disability Equipment
REMAP Disability Equipment

OT Direct Disability Links

Abbycon Directory of Health Information


Disability Chat

Disability Chat

Disabilities Organizations

On A Roll Talk Radio


Disability Search

AT Disability Resources Search Engine


Home Care & Hospice Locator USA


Disability News

BBC Online Disability Programmes

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