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Albert Einstein College of Medicine

American Dental Association

Boston Medical Library

Children's Memorial Hospital Chicago

Columbia University Health Sciences Library

Dartmouth Biomedical Library

Duke University Medical Library

Harvard University F A Countway Library Of Medicine

Healthfinder Medical Libraries

Health Sciences Library Stony Brook New York

Hardin Health Sciences Library Iowa University

Johns Hopkins University - W H Welch Medical Library

Kettering Medical Center Library

Kirkvilles College of Osteopathic Medicine Library

Medical Center at Princeton Library

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Library

New York Academy of Medicine Library

New York Medical College Library

New York University Medical Centre Ehrman Library

National Institute of Medicine Library

National Library of Medicine USA

St. Jude Children's Hospital Library

Stanford Hospital Health Library

Stanford University Lane Medical Library

University of California Medical Center Library

University of Florida Health Sciences Library

University of Illinois Medical Library

University of Kentucky Medical Library

University of Maryland Medical Library

University Of Michigan Medical library

University of Missouri Health Sciences Library

University of Rochester Miner Medical Library

Uniformed Services University Health Sciences Library

University of Texas Anderson Cancer Medical Library

University of Virginia Health Sciences Library

University of Washington Health Sciences Libraries

Yale University, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library







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UK Medical Library Websites

Cambridge University Medical Library

Institute Health Sciences Library Oxford Univ

Institute of Psychiatry Library

University of Wales Medical Library

Wellcome Healthcare Library


Online Medical Textbooks

The Merck Manual Of Diagnostic & Therapy

The Merck Home Manual of Medical Information

The Virtual Hospital  Medical Textbook


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CancerWeb's Online Medical Dictionary

MedTerms Medical Dictionary

Mediweb Medical Information Dictionary

The Medical Dictionary

MedicineNet Medical Dictionary

Pharma-lexicon Dictionary



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Medical Museum

International Museum Of Surgical Science

Museum Of Questionable Medical Devices

The Hunterian Museum


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